Booty Time is drawing near!!!



24 hours of Booty!

Readers! Some of you have been so generous to be and my fund-raising for 24 Hours of Booty. I have around 42 days to get ready for the ride and am already thinking of the fun stuff like shopping!!


This weekend we will be going to REI to look at tents. They are having a Labor Day sale starting on Friday I and I plan on checking it out. I am looking for a tent that can fit two adults and one child. I am not sure if My Man will spend the night but I know The Boy is all ready for it. I will also need to bring in my bike for tune up. I don’t think I have brought it in since I bought it, so it is due for one. Luckily there will be food set up, part of the fee goes for meals, so I won’t have to by too much camping gear…unless I just feel like it!


My dad and I are getting a white tent to be out home base from my brother. Yo! Brother! Come join the ride with us! That goes for all of you out there. I would love to more to join my team. The more the merrier! Check us out at Team Hotel Yorba!. There is a registration fee and you have to raise at least $200.00 to ride. What a wonderful tax write off for your personal taxes or small business.

If you live far away and still want to participate you can always donate to my personal page. My goal is to raise $1,500.00 and I am getting close! Please help if you can. Why? Because it is a dam good cause that is why! Plus I really want to get the jersey. :)


I want to send a bog shout out to my sister-in-law Robin. She did the ALS ice bucket challenge and asked that the people she challenged donate to my cause instead. How cool is that? She has nothing against ALS but is just a kick ass woman trying to help me out (she knows I want that jersey). She ROCKS!

Late and Breaking!!

Guess what Readers! I have been asked to be interviewed by the 24 Hours of Boody  public and media relations! What? Me? I got an e-mail form Jackie T. asking me if I would be interested in giving an interview about My Hotel Yorba Team and my experience as a cancer survivor, current ass kicker. My interview will be today around 10:30am. I will let you all know how it goes and post the interview (if I give a good one) once it is done. How cool huh?

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  1. Robin does rock, thank you Robin. Looking forward to your interview can’t wait the Booty should be fun. So cool that you are getting the white tent from Trent maybe you can talk him in to riding bringing all his ladies to ride. Have a good day and nap. Live you lots,lots,lots Momee

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