Hair, Hair Everywhere!

Readers, painkillers, when used as instructed by your doctor, can be a marvelous thing. On Tuesday I was able to finally pick up my main pain controller. I had been having to lower my dosage for the past few days due to the fact that I was running out of pills. I got a new prescription last Friday but was not able to get it filled till Tuesday. I was a painful few days. I was a mess. My pain level went from a 3 to 4 up to a 7 or 8. And when I coughed or got the hiccups… sweet son of pickle! It hurt so bad, like being stabbed over and over again in the ribs. Ugh. It sucked!

Now I am not saying life is perfect now, there is still some pain. I got a “booster” shot Wednesday morning. It effects my bone marrow by making it grow and get stronger since it is being depleted from the chemo. This is a good thing but it is such a big boost, it can hurt. Like right now. I am at a pain level of around a 4 or 5 but in the center of my chest there is a pain that throbs and is spreading to my other joints. It is kind of hard to explain and I fear I am not doing a good job at it. Sorry Readers. Anyway, when Candy called me last night (she calls almost every night) she warmed me that this could happen and that I could feel it in my chest area along with other parts. I tell, you if it is not one thing, it is another!

The Boy

A few posts ago I wrote how The Boy got in trouble and was being punished. Can I say that it has been a great week with him! I mean wow! He has been really good at home. Who knows how he is being at school but here he has been great. He gets home, gets a snack and works on the homework he did not do on the bus.


Then we have 20 minute reading time (part of homework). I set out snacks and we both sit at the table and read for 20 minutes together. He is reading a book sores and read through book one pretty quick. He is reading all the time now. One of his punishments is an 8pm bedtime (instead of 9pm) and he gets to stay up till 8:15 reading in bed if we say it is ok. He has his watch that his grandparents gave him and shuts everything off then his time is up. After reading we usually go out to feed the girls and have a talk. We talk about all kinds of things.


Like body hair!! It is a growing Readers! Not only is it growing in his pits, but it is on his legs and toes and other areas too! Woot! We discussed why we have hair and how back in the day people were covered with lots of hair as a form of protection and warmth. How over the generations we humans don’t need as much as we use too and therefore we are not as hairy as we use to be.

How you doin'

How you doin’

Another topic we discussed is 4th grade dating. DATING!! Wait? What? That is what I said to him when he brought it up. He said it was like a rule that you waited mid year to date in the 4th and 5th grades. Everyone knows about it. You know about this, right Readers? Where the hell have I been? I asked him where he would go (pizza place), how would get there (walk), all kinds of details. Needless to say, it was a long conversation and some guidelines (you date when we say you can), rules (you do not make the girl walk or pay) and suggestions (maybe a day movie first) were discussed. Very entertaining.

Thank you Heidi!!

Thank you Heidi!!

Wait. What???

Wait. What???

Refuses to look at me.

Refuses to look at me.

Have a great weekend Readers! Be good to yourself and others!

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  1. Hate you are in pain and wish there as something I could do to make it go away. That is a mother thing, just being a Momee. I am proud of Aidan . And I hope you continue doing the same thing even after the punishment is lessen. I love your illustrations about hair, children grow up way to fast, you and your brother just speedy along why to fast. Hope the pain lessens soon, love you lots,lots,lots Momee.

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