Two shots a day…

Readers! How are you doing? I am doing pretty well, finally. Last Tuesday and Wednesday I felt really good. Then on Thursday I was feeling more run down and running out of breath quicker than normal. I would walk up the stairs and have to sit down to catch my breath and it just got worse going into the weekend.

Yesterday was the big CT scan and I was nervous. My parents were in town (to help out) and my Mom came with me. Getting the scan was no big deal, it is just the waiting and my mind not stopping. We got back from the scan around 2 pm and my parents took off to head back home to Birmingham. I ate a late lunch and then sat down to start doing some work. I then got a phone call from my Doctors office telling me I needed to come back into the office because they found blood clots in my lungs. Well shit on a stick. Can we say panic mode?

I got in the car, called My Man told him (not what he needed I am sure) and drove back to doctor’s office. I really didn’t think about anything. I was in a daze. By the time I got into the waiting room, My Man had googled blood clots on lungs and was sending calming e-mails to me. Of course, I was sending back panicking ones to him. Not making him feel to good as he is driving to pick up The Boy. Long story short. I have a couple of blood clots in my lung. Not sure how they got there. Like My Man had told me, common for chemo patients. I was given a prescriptions for a blood thinner that would help dissolve the blood clots. The NP asked me if I had issues with my breathing and I answered yes, it had seem to have gotten harder the past few days. She said that it may in fact be a side effect of the blood clots. I have taken 3 pills so far (two yesterday and one this morning) and I swear I can tell a difference. I felt so much better this morning, no sitting down to catch my breath.

While I was there the NP made a comment that “your scans look fine other than the blood clots”. I was like wait, what? You have the report in front of you? What does it say? She told me that it looks like the areas of concern appeared to have gotten smaller. WoW. Maybe this trip to the office was worth it. Now, I feel great to hear this news, however not till I hear it from Dr. D’s mouth on Friday, will I let it totally sink in (I am pretty sure that Dr. D. will not be happy to hear I found out from the NP). So today, pain wise I feel good, around a 2. Mentally in regards to my cancer, I am at a 6. As always, all fingers and toes are crossed.


Dr. D’s office called around 1pm, she is back in town, turns out she doesn’t want me on blood thinner pills. I guess they conflict with the chemo. So now I have to take 2 shots a day. Wonderful. I am sure My Man will be thrilled.



Pictures from the weekend

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Donut eating contest

Donut eating contest


The Boy and The BF


Really getting into it!

We have a winner!

We have a winner!

Yummy cheese

Yummy cheese

Pete and Simon

Pete and Simon

12 thoughts on “Two shots a day…

  1. Sucks about the clots, but at least they have protocols to deal with them, and if that was some of your breathing problem… of course, shots suck too. Hope you don’t have to rat out the NP… news sounds encouraging .. hopefully that makes the wait a bit easier til you see the doc and get the full lowdown.

  2. I am thinking if Doc D is worried about the pills affecting the chemo, then she must think the chemo is working right? Maybe you lost the blood clot battle (having to take the shots) but it sounds like you are winning the war! That is the important part!

  3. You heard my concern this afternoon but feeling better about the tumors. I think that this will be a good Halloween so you can party with your friends. You are something Shannon-Marie we all get scared for you but right now I am feeling better. Good for Justin to look up the blood clot information.
    Love you lots,lots,lots Momee

  4. The part about the shots is crappy, but the news about the scan is good — I’m focusing on that!!! All fingers, toes and limbs crossed for Dr. D’s official report on Friday! What are you doing for Halloween?

    • I am trying not to get too excited. Waiting to hear it from her. Not 100% sure what we are doing for Halloween. Keep forgetting it is on Friday!

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