I’m gonna throw it out there!


How are you today? It is another fine day her in the ATL. We all slept in late today and got a slow start to our day. Now the crock pot is on and cookin’ Chicken Chili Chowder and football is on the TV. The Girls have been given their snack and The Boy found an egg from Turbo.

Yummy Good!

Yummy Good!

I then made Trader Joe’s Pumpkin bread. Here is a tip. Instead of using oil, use 1/2 cup of puréed pumpkin. The folk’s at Trader Joe’s told me about this and it makes the bread very moist and it is healthier for you!

Keeping in the pumpkin theme, The Boy and I carved a pumpkin for Halloween. I bought three pumpkins (for under $4.00 each) at Trader Joe’s. Two of them are being used in the family room as decoration and one will be placed outside.

IMG_3030 IMG_3032 IMG_3033This the one The Boy and I carved up.




IMG_3027 IMG_3028

The Boy drew out his face but was not happy with it. We used a sharpie. Opps. So, we went kind crazy with the carving. We then decided to paint the pumpkin too.

Waiting for the paint to dry...

Waiting for the paint to dry…



As I told you earlier this month, The Man and I have given up alcohol for a month. So far it hasn’t been bad but this weekend, I would have loved a glass of wine. My Man is also running every day in the month of October! I am so proud of him. Even when I was in the hospital he ran.

I’m gonna throw it out there!

Since I am feeling better and better each day and I feel like a rollie pollie, I have decided that I would ride the exercise bike for at least 30 minutes or more everyday till my surgery. I hope as the days go on, I will be able to ride longer and at a higher resistance. This will also include days I go to the gym. (Going to try to start seeing SK next week.) I did my 30 minutes today at a resistance level of 5. So, now that I have told you, I have to do it! :) Make to ask me about it (that way I will do it).

6 thoughts on “I’m gonna throw it out there!

  1. I made the TJ’s pumpkin bread and used coconut oil and threw in a few chocolate chips. Coconut oil is awesome in baked goods. Very moist! Glad you are starting to feel better :-)

  2. Glad to hear you’re feeling better! When did TJ get to Atlanta? Being a Cali native who grew up with Trader Joe’s, I’m surprised everytime I hear my east of the west peers talking about Trader Joe adventures. NYC is now littered with them less than 5 years.

    Anyhoo, I also gave up alcohol for a month too. Halloween is when I’m allowed to have it again. You are now part of my workout release prayers. My workouts are my release for myself and those around me to stay strong and have become my motivation for getting my rump to the gym in the morning.

    Keep up the positive strength!

  3. Keep pedaling, and say hi to SK when you go back. Your Halloween decorations are great, I can’t seem to get on mine. Have a good evening.Love you lots Momee

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