Just call Saul….

Mr. White

Mr. White

I have sixteen more treatments reader’s till I am all done with my radiation. This week as been tough. I am very tired, my head is very fuzzy and I have been waking up with headaches. Not fun. This week has been busy or feels busy because I have no energy but only two more days to go till the weekend. On Sunday my parents are coming into town, then my mother in law and brother and his family on Sunday. It is going to be full at The Hotel Yorba. I have decided not to stress about cleaning the house till Saturday. I just can’t deal with it right now.

I am happy to say that I don’t have a burn area on my chest yet. I hope it won’t be too painful. I see a gentleman at clinic everyday and his neck looks pretty burnt. Poor guy. He must have had some kind of throat cancer. Today I met the lady you has the treatment slot in front of me. We see each other as she is leaving the room and I am going in. We ended up waiting for our cars together and she introduced herself to me. Her name is Robin and she has a total of six weeks of treatment. She has a form of breast cancer. Instead of chemo treatments, she going to take a chemo pill for like five years! She was really nice.

Hair Update 2013

My eyebrows are all grown back and my eyelashes are coming along. I am also back to shaving my legs. I have some serious fuzz growing on my head too. My Man said I was like his own little chia pet. “Everyday I check to see how much your hair has grown!” Cha Cha Chia!  I am going to give my fuzz a few more days to grow and then I will post a picture.

Mr. White

I have finally gotten with it and started watching Breaking Bad. My Man got the DVD’s from a few friends and was obsessed with watching it for three weeks in November. He then moved the Blue Ray player up to the bedroom so that I would watch them.”you must watch it so I have someone to talk about it with!” I am currently on season 2, episode 8. Poor Jessie gets the shit beaten out of him all the time. I really feel for the guy. So far I am really enjoying the show. My Man says season 3 is even better.

Are you a Breaking Bad fan? What are you watching that you love? 

13 thoughts on “Just call Saul….

  1. Don’t worry about the house there enough adults to handle Anything. I wish you would try to rest. You are strong but do not over do. Justin is so funny how great to have someone with a since of humor. Keep drumming we will be there to help. Love you lots lots,lots Momee

  2. Hair: I wasn’t aware that hair loss was also a side affect from the drug for the second half of my chemo. My eyebrows were intact til now, the hair on my head that came back is also falling out and the eyelashes are thinning:( Dang!

    Burns: Glad to hear you’re not crispy yet:) I wonder if it’s at all like sun tanning…do you burn in the sun?

    Breaking Bad: I’ve only just started watching. I’m on season one episode 6. Guess I’d better hurry up

      • I am using aloe vera lotion but not everyday. I was told not to put any lotion on my chest before my treatment and then in the evening I tend to forget to put any on. They did tell me another lotion to get but I haven’t yet. Maybe this weekend.

    • That just sucks! To lose your hair twice! Not Cool Chemo! Not Cool. I got pretty good at using an eyebrow pencil. Luckily they grew back first. Losing your eyelashes and nose hair sucks. I never knew how much they did till I didn’t have them!

      I am pretty pale and do not tan at all. I go straight to red lobster. As the show goes on, Mr. White’s cancer plays less and less part in the show. I love how Jessie calls him Mr. White like he is still his teacher…

  3. Shay… don’t worry about cleaning…get rested up so that you can enjoy the festivities…I thought I might have seen some fuzz in one of the pics from the resort..can’t wait to see it in real life..some of my co-workers were forever asking to rub my head when mine started coming in…if I had been a magic lantern the genie would have been popping out all over the place. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone next week.

    I simply could not get into Breaking Bad. I tried and tried and just couldn’t do it.


  4. I’m a new Breaking Bad viewer. I decided to forego cable and instead opt for PBS, Netflix and the internet instead of paying for a bunch of channels I don’t watch. Therefore, I don’t get to take part in much TV view conversations until after the stuff makes it to the mainstream.

    My mom’s hair grew back pretty quick, if I recall correctly. She was forever making crystal ball jokes about her head back in the day – my sister and I would rub her head and make a wish – usually that mom would get better. I think her sense of humor helped with her recovery in the early 80s before people had enough knowledge to feel comfortable enough to talk about cancer freely.

    Can’t wait to see Chia-Shay.

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