Hallucinating fish…

So, how am I supposed to come up with a blog post after the Happy Anniversary post My Man wrote. I can’t even think of it without starting to cry, let alone try to read it again. How sweet was it?! OMG! He shocked the hell out of me with that post. He. Is. The Best.

Readers, it has been a crazy couple of days since I got back home from the hospital. It was wonderful to come home on Saturday and to see The Boy, Timber, Panny and Simon. I missed them all so much. I did not have the strength to go up and see the girls. Sunday we just layer around and watched football. The Boy stayed snuggled up close to me most of the day. Towards the evening my back started to hurt and it just got worse. By Monday I was a mess. Really? My back? Ugh. As I write I still have some issues with it. I would say I am back to 85%.




My home for the next five days.


Goodie bag,

Monday was a mess. I could hardly walk and had a very hard time finding a comfortable position to lay/sit in. And I was so weak. We are talking about heavy breathing after using the restroom! I couldn’t catch my breath for the life of me. I took my pain pills and tried the heating pad. My assistant told me she puts ice on her back so I thought I would give it a try. Felt pretty nice! I think I will stick with ice.

IMG_4930 IMG_4932

Other than my back, I have been ok. I have nausea, it a lot worse this time then last summer. I think that this is because I was given a bigger and stronger dosage. I just feel really weak. I have a some night sweats, and a few crazy dreams. No zombie ones yet. I do think I hallucinated while I was in the hospital the last night I was there. The floor in the bathroom was moving. Looked like the pattern turned into the bottom of  the ocean with moving fish!

Thank You Amy!

Thank You Amy!





Shout Outs!

Calanit H.- Thank you for your visits at the hospital and the magazines!

Rebecca, Amy & Tommy- Thank you for your visits, magazines, lunch and deserts!

Jennifer P.- Thank you for coming to visit me and for watching The Boy for My Man and I. You are wonderful!

Brooklyn Cafe- We have been going┬áto the Brooklyn Cafe for dinner and lunch for years now. The are a local restaurant here in Sandy Springs. We have become friends with Jeff (owner) and the whole staff. They found out that I was in the hospital and came over on Saturday with a dinner which included a grilled artichoke, two steak salads, key lime pie and wine. How nice!! The salad and artichoke were so yummy. We didn’t drink the wine. Going to wait will we can enjoy it.

So Awsome!! Thanks Pat!!

So awesome!! Thanks Pat!!

Pat H.- It is so cool! Thank you Pat! What a wonderful anniversary gift. I can’t wait to start a fire, lie on the couch and watch some Sparty football! There will be fights over this one.

I am hoping to feel better tomorrow and then even better on Friday. This weekend is 24 Hours of Booty!! We got a tent and I am mentally packing (BTW-mentally packing is much easier than packing). If you still want to donate you can! Good night Readers!