And Then the Sh*t Hit the Fan…I mean Floor…

This morning I took The Kids for their annual visit. Well, in Pandora’s case it more like her 1 year 6 months visit. Mom got a little side tracked there. Some Good news: Getting them in their carrying cases wasn’t to bad. Shout out to Simon who did wonderful! The ride to the Vet was a bit noisy but nowhere near as bad when I use to take Tommy. Panny was  the louder of the two.



We have been going to Paws Whiskers & Claws since they opened. The ladies of PWC’s are wonderful! The have helped us out on so many different occasions with our four cats. I highly suggested anyone with a cat who lives in ATL to go see them.


We decided that Panny would go first since we knew she has issues with getting her claws trimmed. We got her out of her carrier ok and although she was tense, she was ok. Well….for about 3 seconds. Then all hell broke loose! Dr. G had to call for assistance and then took out the gloves! Leather Gloves!!!


I had never seen these before!! They both wore them while one held her down, with a towel wrapped around her head (Panny’s), me tapping my finger nails on the table to distract her, and Dr. G clipping. There was hissing and screaming and fighting to break free. I was in shock! Panny was pissed! Dr. G and Ingrid didn’t bat an eyelash…well, maybe one or two but can you blame them? I was kinda loud.


Next it was Simon’s turn. He was very clam when we took him out and hardly moved when Dr. G clipped his claws. Such a good boy. That is until it was time to draw blood. Oh Hell No! He said. He started to freak! And then he lost all control. Yep, my cat, pooped all over the table while hissing, screaming and trying to break free. They ended up getting two people to hold him down while Dr. G took his blood. It was a mess! Like really! A mess! Poop on the table, Poop on the floor!

Don't Judge Me!

Don’t Judge Me!

When it was all done, I took them out to the lobby and of course it was full of people! Ugh! They all said it was ok, it happens with their cats, no judging. Yes, we were sooo loud that the people in lobby heard us loud and clear. There was judging…I could see it in their eyes!

I took The Kids back home and neither of them wanted anything to do with me. When I got back home later, Panny, came to say hi and Simon…well, I am still getting the stink eye from him.

Oh! Panny has to have a tooth taken out. Thank goodness they will sedate her and I will not be there.

Pool 2013

Not our Pool!

Not our Pool!

On Tuesday Bob, from AquaVision, came out and discussed our pool reno with us. Who knew there were so many types of pebble surface’s to choose from! We also discussed the fixing up the patio, tiles and coping. Needless to say, My Man and I were very excited when he left. Of course we has yet to see the quote on how much everything was going to cost, that came on Wednesday afternoon. When I got the e-mail I started to hyperventilate! I am happy to say, it was the amount I thought it would be. Now it still is a lot of cash but no huge surprises. We are not getting all new coping, just having them fix and freshen up what we have and we are not getting my favorite pebble surface cause it isn’t worth the extra 4K…yes, it is 4k more! What!? What!? Today I will be faxing in the signed paperwork and hopefully they will start next week! I plan to photograph the progress and share it with you all!

The Fur Kids Wish!

The Fur Kids Wish!

Have a great Morning!

Please note, I did not take any of those pictures.

Weekend Update

Weekend Update!

My weekend started out Friday night when My Man brought home Jimmy Johns for dinner. We usually stay in on Friday since we are all kinds tired from the week. We eat at home, have some wine and watch TV. I had intended to go to bed early since I had worked out with my trainer and took a yoga class but ended up reading to almost midnight! Damn books!

Saturday I took The Boy to guitar and then we hit Whole Foods. We decided to make Tuna Steaks, grilled Bok Choy, scallops and wasabi mashed potatoes for dinner that night. After we got home, I went into throw away mode. I cleaned out the pantry (found rice that went bad in 2011), the two places we store medicine (found more stuff that expired in 2011), cleaned out the utensil drawer, got rid of The Boys baby glasses and plates, went through my closet and got ride of old workout clothes and winter items I haven’t worn in two years. I am hopping to work on my bathroom cabinets sometime this week. It feels so good to get ride of stuff that is just cluttering up my house. I really home this “feeling” stays around. We have so much crap we need to send to the trash.



Saturday night we cooked, listened to jazz and drank some wine. After dinner, My Man and I watched Sky Fall. I must say, that Daniel Craig sure is pretty!!

Sunday was more cleaning, a friend’s birthday party at the park and dinner out with my boys. As always, I wish weekends were at least three days.

Today was busy. Along with work, I was busy on the phone making Vet appointments, calling the tree people to see if they could come out this week, calling the pool people and the bank. My Man and I have decided to take out a home equity line of credit and use the money to fix and re-finish our pool. We have chosen pebble tec for the surface.


pebble tec

We are going to go with a dark gray color. After we take care of the pool, we also want to fix our side yard and replace some bushes that have died. Then there is the outside lights, the front door, carpet….the list goes on and on. Good thing we are not planning on moving anytime soon. We will need all the time we can get to get everything done and paid for!

Question: What do you need to throw out?