My Boy can pick a friend.

My Boy can pick a friend.

The Boy goes to camp run by our the gym we belong to called LifeTime Fitness. It is a very cool gym and he has enjoyed going to their summer camps two summer’s now. He has met a lot of different boys who go to schools around our area. Last month a boy came up to me and asked me if I was The Boy’s mom. I said yes. He said Hi. He then walked away. Boys? Who knows. I asked The Boy who that was. “Oh that is Emiliano. He is my best friend”. Ok good to know, the dog is in the car gotta go.

Yesterday The Boy came home and I could tell he had something in his hand. I asked him what it was. He asked me if I wanted the card first. Sure. Who is it from?

“Well, you know Emiliano, my best friend? I told him you were sick and wanted you to have this.

Emiliano's card. So Sweet.
Emiliano’s card. So Sweet

Oh My God. He then handed over a small box that held a rosary in it. I didn’t know what to say. The kid is like 9 or 10 years old! I have met him once and NEVER have met his family. And look at his handwriting! It’s wonderful (The Boy’s—not so much). I wrote Emiliano a thank you card telling him how much I enjoyed his card, that he was a good friend, had very nice handwriting and to do well in school. I also told him I would keep the rosary close to me.

Camp is almost over and I am not sure if I will ever see him  again or meet his mom (I need to tell her that she is doing a WONDERFUL job raising him) but I know I will never forget him and his kindness.

PS. The rosary has been placed inside my pillow case and last night when I was having trouble falling asleep, I took hold of it and counted the beads.


Weekend Update!

Hi Ya’ll!

Saturday started with taking The Boy to guitar practice. I don’t think I haven’t ever seen his teacher, we will call him J, without a coffee cup in his hand. The guy must be jacked up! Anyway, he said The Boy was doing well. Next we hit Kroger to get drinks and candy for our movie date! We went to see The Croods.

The Croods!

The Croods!

As far as kid movies go, it wasn’t bad. I give it a solid B. The Boy and I’s favorite character was Belt. He was a sloth (we LOVE sloths) and was very cute.

The Boy waiting...

The Boy waiting…

After the movie we got a quick lunch and then headed home. I decided that I would work on The Boy’s room. Sometimes it is just easier to do things by yourself. Plus, I got to throw away a lot of junk! Things I found in The Boy’s cabinets, boxes and under the bed: 5 pairs of PJ pants, 2 shirts, one dried apple core, 6 random socks, 8 wash cloths and much, much more! But the room is done!IMG_2234




The Boy changed the Bears clothes just for the picture.

The Boy changed the Bears clothes just for the picture.


Today I will be working on the screened in porch. It is cover in pollen, as are The Kids right now, who are rolling their furry little bodies in it…UGH.