School of Rock

Good Morning!

I hope everyone is having a great morning. I just got back from the gym. I am still training with SK but now on Wednesday’s I go in at 6:30am and I have a partner I work with too. Her name is Carrie and she also trains with SK. She too was looking for a way to save some money so SK asked if we would want to train together. This is our third week and so far it is working out well. I think she is in her mid 30’s and she is also into yoga. In fact, she had talked me into try a Hot Yoga class on Thursday at 6am!! So early but I love the teacher and it will nice to know someone in the class. My goal for the summer is to take 2 to 3 yoga classes a week. I would love to take more but there is this thing called work I have to do. Such a pain in my ass…

On Monday I not only turned 40 years old but I went back to school! Kinda, sorta…well…maybe not. Ok, here is the deal. My Man told me about this website Coursera.  Here is an explanation of what they do.

Coursera is an education company that partners with the top universities and organizations in the world to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free. Our technology enables our partners to teach millions of students rather than hundreds.


My Man has taken computer related courses and told me I should take a look. I looked through the list of courses they offer and ended up enrolling in “The History of Rock”.  (Every time I see that, I think of Jack Black in School of Rock).


Now they have courses in all kinds of subjects. Lots of computer tech classes, food & nutrition, mathematics, film, science etc. My class is taught by John Covach from the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY. I went to college up there and though that was kind of cool. You have quizzes and tests you take and each week you have a series of videos you watch. For example, for week one, I have 11 video lectures to watch that covers “The World Before Rock and Roll (1900-1955)”. So far I have watch four of them and have learned some interesting things. Do you know who invested the tape recorder? I do! It was the Nazi’s during World War II. Do you have any idea how rich Bing Crosby was? I do! And he can thank Les Paul for half of his wealth.

I encourage you to check out the website. I am sure you can find a course you would be interested in.


Ok, time for me to get cleaned up and go to work. Have a great day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!

Trent, Mom & Me

Trent, Mom & Me

I want to wish my Mom a very Happy Mother’s Day. She is down at the beach spending time with my brother and his family. I hope they have a wonderful day! I think I will be taking The Boy to the club to go swimming, since we are still filling our pool! Actually, My Man just moved the hose to the spa to start filling it up. The pool is full!

IMG_2300Last night My Boys took me out to dinner for my Birthday. We went to The Optimist. It was very yummy!

IMG_2302 IMG_2304 IMG_2305 IMG_1689 IMG_2306

We then came home and sat out on the screen in porch listening to jazz, having some bubbly and talking. It was a very nice night.

Question: What are you doing for Mother’s Day?

Pool and Birthday updates…

Happy Saturday!

I hope you are all having a great morning. We here at Hotel Yorba are having a great day so far. We got some good news on Wednesday afternoon. Bob, our pool guy, called and told us that they were going to be able to do the pebble-tec on Thursday and Friday. They got here at 7:30am on Thursday and were done before noon on Friday. It looks great!!

IMG_2283 IMG_2284

My Man and I are very happy with it. Can I tell you how excited I am that we are now filling the pool with water? Can I tell you how I am not excited to get the water bill? We started filling the pool on Friday afternoon and it is still going! I think it will take till Sunday to finish the filling the pool and then we have to fill the jacuzzi. Like I said, not looking forward to the water bill.


So my big birthday is on Monday. I will be turning the big 40!! Woot! Woot! My Man gave me my gift early on Friday night. Isn’t it pretty?! Love it! It is all shiny and it sparkles. I am such a girl.IMG_2288

This morning we woke up early and went downtown for breakfast. We had to get to the jewelry store, Worthmore Jewelry, where My Man got the watch, so they could take some links out. While we were there, we had our rings cleaned and I gave them my older Tag to get serviced and cleaned.


While out and about, we found a bakery and bought some challah bread so that My Man and The Boy can make me french toast tomorrow morning! We also bought a loaf of olive bread. I can’t wait to dig into that! The boy also got two cookies and ate them…it was 9:45am!

IMG_2289Tonight my boys are taking me out to The Optimist for my birthday dinner. I will make sure to take some pictures and post them. It now 11:30am and I am going to go check on the water level of the pool and then hang out with The Girls before it starts raining. Oh! While checking out the garden yesterday, look what I found!


My first tomato of the season! Woot!

Question: What is your favorite way to eat tomatoes?