A letter from camp


The Boy's letter

The Boy’s letter

The Boy has written!! Granted, I got this letter today, the day before we pick him up, but it was still very cool! He seems to be having a very good time and is one busy little dude. I love how he asks for more stuff. It never ends! I did set it up that he get a little something everyday along with his letters and cards. One day he got a camp shirt, some playing cards a water gun or camp shorts. More than he actually needs. I just hope he come home with 75% for his stuff. One of his friends already wrote his mom that he has lost his towel and camo shirt. Pickles!

The Boy and his buddy Sully

The Boy and his buddy Sully

How you doin?

How you doin’?

I wanted to let you all know that so far, I feel pretty good after my chemo. I did bring the barf bucket by my side of the bed last night just in case but I slept fine and only woke up when Timber barked around midnight. No crazy zombie dreams either! I was able to go to a morning appointment and then workout with SK today. The pain in my ribs isn’t as bad either. Still hurts but not as much. Maybe it was the yoga I did last night? Who knows.

My Man are going to go out to diner tonight and then wake up early to drive to Alabama to get The Boy. I can’t wait to see him and hear all about it. I bet he will pass out in the car drive home.

Sleepy Panny

Sleepy Panny

Have a Happy Friday!