Lights! Puppies! Shout Outs!

Happy Wednesday Reader’s!

Only two more days till Friday and a three-day weekend! Woot! Woot! Are you doing anything special for Memorial Day? Our very good friends/The Boy’s God Parents are doing down in Friday and will be staying the weekend with us. The Boy’s big day is on Saturday and we are having people over to Hotel Yorba for swimming and grilling. It should be a lot of fun with good weather (fingers crossed) and good food.

Gift from Nana Pete & Papa!

Gift from Nana Pete & Papa!


The Boy got a gift and some $$$ form his Nana Pete and Papa today in the mail. He has been working on his legos ever since! Loves working on them. The $$$ will go into his college fund because nothing is as fun as a good college education!

IMG_4077 IMG_4076



O Tuesday we hung lights in the screened in porch. I have been wanting to do it for years and finally decided to just buy the damn things. It got a bit crazy but we got them up and I love them! Makes the porch come alive! My Man did most of the work and he did a good job.

We are heading down to the Braves games in a bit. It should be a good game, they have won the last two games in the series. Let’s go number three!! Go Braves!

Pet Cam

Passed out Puppy

Passed out Puppy

Kobie- Timber's new buddy!

Kobie- Timber’s new buddy!

Isn’t Kobie a cutie!?! I love to watch his little legs run!

Shout Out!

I want to give a shout out to my Uncle Roone. He is done with round 2 of chemo and is starting to feel the oh so wonderful side effects of the crap (good crap cause it will save your life but crap just the same). Hang in there!!

Also to Tammy R.! I know she should be getting new boobies soon (so jealous). Let us know how you are doing Tammy! And I want to see how our hair is growing in!!

Be Good Y’all!