Pinterest, finally on it!

Happy Sunday Readers. How has your weekend been? Mine has been good so far. It rained in the ATL on Saturday but that is ok. The new landscaping her at Hotel Yorba needs the rain. Great news! For the last three nights The Girls have strutted their little chicken butts up the plank and into the coop all on their own! I am one proud mama!

Shout Out!

Last Saturday our friends, Calanit and Alan, held their wedding reception (they got married in Israel in June) here in Atlanta. SInce I had just gotten out of the hospital a few days earlier, so we were not able to go. I just found out that in lieu of party favors, they donated money to the Sarcroma Foundation of America in my honor!?!!! How cool is that!?! Thank you guys!

How cool is that?

How cool is that?

Pictures from this week

Sleeping Panny

Sleeping Panny

Simon hanging out in the tent.

Simon hanging out in the tent.

What the H@!#??????

What the H@!#??????

What? I can't hear you....

What? I can’t hear you….

First Fall Spa Dip!

First Fall Spa Dip!

I want to come in!

I want to come in!

Reader’s! I have finally joined Pinterest. I know! I know! I am like 5 years behind but hey, I finally did it! If you are on Pinterest, please go follow me. Please understand, I have no idea what I am doing. I am just “pining” everything I like. I am making “boards” but have no idea why…organization? I am under as Shay Hamer or my email, I am not sure how you search for someone. So far I have two boards, “Chickens” and “Health”. I have read some interesting articles on chickens and urban chickens. Pretty cool. If you have any suggestions on what I should look at or how to get out there, let me know!

Mountain of Crap

Well, I finally got one of those bursts of energy I had been getting after my treatments. The victim? The Mountain of Crap in the rec room, that someone calls his toys. It have been getting worse and worse over the past three months and I haven’t had the energy to do anything about. Now, I have told The Boy to do something about it about every damn day and below was his answer. Not Good. Last night we were there watching the news and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had to attack it.


Only good thing is the picture is Timber! I ended up throwing away four garbage bags full of trash.


Mtn. of Crap

Mtn. of Crap

I found wrappers, crackers, a pair of shoes (!), a sweater (I don’t even remember buying it), broken pencils, juice boxes, the list could go on and on and on….


Who would want to even try to watch TV in here? It was a climb to even get to the sofa!


Now, It is nice and clean. I wonder how long we will have to keep the tent there. I will say, The Boy, Simon, Panny and even Timber like hanging out in there. It is just so big!


I hope I get another burst of energy soon, I have a rec room closet that The Boy has gotten his hands onto that needs help!

She did it!!




She did it! She did it! Poppy walked up the plank and into the coop by herself. I still had to talk to her and block with the rake for a bit but she did it. Turbo had to go up and down the plank about three times to encourage Poppy to come in. When she finally got onto the plank, Turbo nudged her up and past her into the coop. She then followed her up. Now, I am sure I will have to continue to go up there for a few nights block her from going under the coop but I think they continue going in on their own. I don’t mind since I love to watch them wiggle on up! So proud!

New Pool Cover

New Pool Cover


Today the guys from Aqua Vision came and winterized our pool and put the new pool cover on. This is the first time in nine years that we have closed and covered the pool. I am so happy we finally did this. No more raking out the gross leaves or finding dead things in the drains. EECK!

Whatcha Listening Too

I started a new audio book called The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman. It is narrated by the author which is something you do see often. It takes place in England sometime in the 20th century, not to sure when. I am 1 hour and 32 minutes into it and so far I like it and think Gaiman is doing a good job. After I finish it, I will listen to Mr. Penubra’s 24 Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan. Has anyone read these two? What did you think?




Today I took The Boy to see Monsters University at the local dollar ($1.75) theater. We stopped at CVS to grab some candy and got a bottle of water and a small coke (which was actually small) to drink at the theater. The movie was good. I liked the first movie and had actually been looking forward to seeing it. The Boy enjoyed it too. The head dean of the character is kinda gross. Kind of a cross between a cockroach and centipede. ICK!
IMG_3037Two minutes after this was taken, Panny reached our and touched Timber. I thought “They will snuggle now!” But Timber got up moved. I don’t know who was hurt bummed more, Panny or me.

The Girls


It has been almost two weeks since The Girls have moved into their new coop/run. I think they are loving it! The love the hay I put in there and have made a few nests in it under the coop. This where Poopy and Turbo have been laying their eggs…not in the three nesting boxes I had made. Ok, then. Whatever. I have had been going up in each night at dusk to show them that they need to walk up the plank and go inside and roost at night. Well, the last few days at dusk Turbo has marched her sassy little but up the plank and gone on in. There is a reason she is head hen. Then we both start talking to Poppy. You should hear Turbo yell at her. I use a rake to make sure Poppy doesn’t go under the coop and use a soothing  tone to encourage her to walk on up. Tubor just yells. Then after a bit she (Turbo) walks back down and squawks at her more, gets all in her face. Finally I pick Poppy up and put it her in. Pickles. They squawk a bit while they make themselves comfortable and then they sleep! I am hoping that it clicks for Poppy soon.


Reader’s, do you listen to any Podcasts? Do you have any favorites? What are they? I am always looking for new one.  I start my day refreshing my podcasts to see if any have been updated and then listen to them while drinking coffee, checking/updating my e-mail, FB, Quicken and starting my work day. Here is what I am listening to:

NPR: Pop Culture Happy Hour

NPR: Fresh Air

60 Minutes

NPR: All Songs Considered

NBC Nightly News ( I end up watching Fox with My Man, so I watch “left” news to make sure I stay in the middle! :) )

NPR: Hourly News Summary

NPR: Books Podcast

Song of the Day

PRI: Arts & Entertainment

School Run French (This is geared for 5 to 10 year olds, so it is right up my alley!)

Live Your Life Now- (I just started it today.

I am always looking for new one, so please let me know which podcasts do you listen too.

Have good evening Reader’s!



Fall Break


Last night The Boy and I watched Food Networks Halloween Challenge. We missed the first episode, so they were down to four teams. My Man even came up to watch with us but threatened to leave because he said we were talking and bickering too much. We were not! The Boy is on his Fall Break, so he is out of school Monday and Tuesday. Due to my “issue” we did not make any plans for the four-day weekend. So I told him we could go to Costco. He was not impressed. What? What?

People have been asking me how I am doing and I have been saying ok. I am not sure what else to say. This round has been a little bit different then the last three. For example, I am still getting nauseous. In the past, I was over it by now. It isn’t to intense, I take my meds and about 30 minutes later I am ok. But it is still happening. Being tired as well, isn’t as intense but just lasting longer. I haven’t had many of the sudden burst of energy that I had in the past. I also have been having more headaches than before. On the plus side, I was able to start drinking coffee right away (or never stopped). In the past it had taken me about a week before I could stomach the idea of it. Overall though, I consider myself very lucky. I have not thrown up once and never lost my appetite.

Today’s bike ride was a bit harder than yesterday’s. Legs were tired. I did get to finish the episode of Vampire Diaries I missed and watched the first few minutes of Boardwalk Empire. I love that show! Tomorrow, I am meeting with The Boy’s teacher for parent teacher conference and then later The Boy and I have a movie day.

Have a wonderful night Readers!

I’m gonna throw it out there!


How are you today? It is another fine day her in the ATL. We all slept in late today and got a slow start to our day. Now the crock pot is on and cookin’ Chicken Chili Chowder and football is on the TV. The Girls have been given their snack and The Boy found an egg from Turbo.

Yummy Good!

Yummy Good!

I then made Trader Joe’s Pumpkin bread. Here is a tip. Instead of using oil, use 1/2 cup of puréed pumpkin. The folk’s at Trader Joe’s told me about this and it makes the bread very moist and it is healthier for you!

Keeping in the pumpkin theme, The Boy and I carved a pumpkin for Halloween. I bought three pumpkins (for under $4.00 each) at Trader Joe’s. Two of them are being used in the family room as decoration and one will be placed outside.

IMG_3030 IMG_3032 IMG_3033This the one The Boy and I carved up.




IMG_3027 IMG_3028

The Boy drew out his face but was not happy with it. We used a sharpie. Opps. So, we went kind crazy with the carving. We then decided to paint the pumpkin too.

Waiting for the paint to dry...

Waiting for the paint to dry…



As I told you earlier this month, The Man and I have given up alcohol for a month. So far it hasn’t been bad but this weekend, I would have loved a glass of wine. My Man is also running every day in the month of October! I am so proud of him. Even when I was in the hospital he ran.

I’m gonna throw it out there!

Since I am feeling better and better each day and I feel like a rollie pollie, I have decided that I would ride the exercise bike for at least 30 minutes or more everyday till my surgery. I hope as the days go on, I will be able to ride longer and at a higher resistance. This will also include days I go to the gym. (Going to try to start seeing SK next week.) I did my 30 minutes today at a resistance level of 5. So, now that I have told you, I have to do it! :) Make to ask me about it (that way I will do it).

Random Thoughts and Observations

Morning Reader’s!

I hope the sun is shining where you call home. It is here in the ALT. The weather for the past few days has been gorgeous! Makes waking up nauseous not so bad!

As a blogger I read a lot of different blogs and over the past week have found two websites I thought looked really cool and want to share with you. If any of you have ordered anything from either of them, please let me know. I am tempted to but not sure who to order from first.



This is a website where you can order books, notecards, posters, prints and framed pictures of your Instagram photos! I was so excited when I saw this. I love using Instagram app and some of my favorite pictures are from there. I love the idea of making note cards from them and using those as thank you cards or you  have been on my mind cards. I also am thinking of ordering a 12×12 of four pictures or nine of my favorite pictures. Some of The Boy, The Girls, The Kids, Me and My Man. The blog I read about the company on, was very happy with her purchase. She chose the 12×12 frame of nine pictures.


Change Of Art

At Change of Art, you can order frames that have made changing the art, photograph, etc., so easy! Putting a photo in a large matted farm can be a pain in the ass! The picture always moves by the time you get the backing placed and closed! Then you find the speck of dust on the glass and have to start all over again! Change of Art has made it super easy by having an area on the back of the frame where you just slide the picture in! No opening the frame. Love it! Shipping is only $7.00 and that is for up to 6 frames via Fed Ex. I think this is perfect for Mom’s out there who have kids who love art. You could “commission” an abstract piece, cutout a section of it and boom! You have a nice framed picture. You could do one for each season using seasonable colors. I may just have to do this myself!

Random Thoughts and Observations

  • So the other night when I got in bed, I realized I never took a shower and I was totally ok with it.
  • I saw that one of the cats puked on the floor in the bedroom. I was in the middle of something but when I went back to clean it up, it was gone. I looked at Simon, who looked at Timber. I was totally grossed out for 2 seconds. Then pleased that I wouldn’t have to clean it up.
  • I love saying “Chicken Butt” and feel I am allowed to say more than your average person since I own two chicken butts.
  • It’s Caturday!
  • RTR!

Shout Outs!

Dedra- You Rock! Thank you for helping My Man and I out earlier this week. You went above and beyond!

Liz & Jayson G.- Thank You!!!